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    Pepto On The Run Messenger Service

    Need those plans to the client from your home office in St. George’s to their executive office in Hamilton within the hour? Or you have an important package arrive at the airport but just can’t leave your desk to pick it up? Gailya Ratteray of Pepto On The Run Messenger Service is the one to call according to our judges. They hailed her fast, efficient and islandwide messenger, delivery and errand service as being the best, hands down.

  •  It is with great pleasure that we, without hesitation, recommend ‘Pepto On the Run’ as your messenger service provider.

    We first engaged the company in 2002 and have never regretted that decision.  They have provided us with exceedingly dependable, reputable and affordable service.  Their dedicated staff are knowledgeable and competent and ensure every article is delivered and/or collected in a timely manner.

    ‘Pepto On the Run’ has an experienced team of people who deliver friendly and efficient service and maintain a good relationship with their clients.                      Valerie  2015

  • Well congratulations to you on the success of Pepto. I would say that your service and rates are very reasonable in today's market. Best regards and wishing you continued success for the future.

  • Your rates and services are wonderful, we're glad you were recommended to us.

  • Pepto is always there when we need her including special arrangements outside of normal working hours!
    Michael A. Johnson

  • Attride-Stirling & Woloniecki is a law firm and Pepto On The Run has been servicing us since October 2004. The service we receive is excellent. Our mail is collected on time twice a day and our by hands are also delivered on time.
     Attride-Stirling & Woloniecki

  • Pepto is consistently reliable and for our business, that is key. We can rely on Pepto to handle all of our delivery needs, from the most important confidential delivery right down to mail pickup at the post office. We like Pepto's 'can-do' attitude and would be lost without them.
P.O. Box HM 3295, Hamilton HM PX
Email: gailya@peptoontherun.com
P.O. Box HM 3295, Hamilton HM PX - Email:
Telephone: (441) 799-9030